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Scott Duncan

Scott was born and raised in Sherman, CT.  He has an Engineering degree and has been associated with the design and manufacture of mechanical products for over 50 years.  He now lives in North Granby.

When Scott was 13, his father showed him how to use a lathe to make a candlestick holder for his mother as a Christmas gift.  It took nearly 50 years for Scott to get drawn back to the lathe again.  Since retirement in 2011, Scott has joined the American Association of Woodturners and the Central CT Woodturners Club.  He's also president of the Western MA Woodturners Club.  These Associations have contributed significantly to Scott's technical and creative style.

Scott prefers to work with local wood that has a history or some emotional attachment to the homeowner.  His inspiration comes from the wood itself, fellow club members and nationally recognized turners.  Scott enjoys the technical and artistic challenge of converting "firewood" into a family heirloom or functional part of life.

Scott and Ian
Scott Red Malee Burle Bowl
Scott Ikibana
Scott Wine Stoppers
Avis at potter's wheel
Avis bowl 1
Avis bowl 2
Avis soap dish

Avis Cherichetti

Honey Hill Pottery

"Combining elegant form and vibrant textures my pots bring originality, vitality and beauty to any home or showcase."

In a world increasingly dominated by standardization, Avis's work celebrates uniqueness, quality and craftsmanship.  Part of a 40 year tradition, each piece of pottery produced at Honey Hill Pottery shows Avis's strong commitment to her craft.

The process of working with clay allows Avis to connect with the historical references of potters and generations that have been in her family.  As she continues to design and refine the objects she makes, Avis finds a rhythm and joy in life.

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